Standard Tours

Let’s cruise the backroads of Kentucky and uncover some of its best kept bourbon secrets! Click on any image to start planning now.

Actual per person pricing depends on party size and venue choices. Prices listed are average minimums for limo service and distillery tours/tastings.

Upgraded packages can include a bourbon steward, glencairn glasses for the road, professional photographer and much more.

Whiskey Thief Cruise

The Kentucky River area Distilleries are some of the most historical landmarks in the Bourbon World. With unmatched beauty these tours are hands-on and a ton of fun. Enjoy rums, gins, vodkas, cremes, and flavored moonshines in your tastings. There is something for everyone here including the most experienced of the bourbon lovers.

Frankfort also has some hidden dining gems that will leave you wanting to come back.

This tour is our most popular and it includes both craft and big named large distilleries.

Info – This is a tour that will please just about everyone. Tours last about 10-13 hours from your front door or hotel in Cincinnati.

Sites, Sights, and Flights Cruise

Pricing includes a professional photographer and dozens of edited photos. Some of the most beautiful stops on the bourbon trail produce some of the best photos you will ever have with your friends and family. We make all of your arrangements at some of the most fun and monumental distilleries in Kentucky. We stop into some of the best gift shops for some of the best bourbon themed goodies.

Less focused on tastings and sipping and more on memories and quality time, this tour is popular for bachelorettes, nearlyweds, and anniversaries. Don’t worry fellas … you will love this too! In fact these trips are great for introducing friends and family to your bourbon hobby.

Info – great choice for a mixed group of party goers and runs about $250+ per person. Minimum 4 person pricing. Maximum 8 people. Tours last about 10-13 hours from your front door or hotel in Cincinnati.

The One Day Whiskey Marathon Cruise

Most people wouldn’t dare 4-6 stops from Cincinnati in one day. It’s too hard right? If you want to jam pack this epic experience full of tours, tastings, delicious food, gift shopping, bourbon hunting, and sightseeing then this is it. This tour you might call “bourbon focused”. Perfect if you’re sending your loved one and his friends out for a birthday.

This tour is popular for hardcore bourbon lovers. You will experience both craft and large distilleries. Maybe a bourbon bar or two.

Info – great choice for a bourbon fanatic and their friends and runs about $250+ per person. Tours last about 10-13 hours from your front door or hotel in Cincinnati.

The Queen City Bourbon Cruise

Looking for an Epic Date night? Enjoy the best of the Bourbon Gateway right here in Cincinnati. The Queen City and Northern Kentucky host some of the world’s best bourbon experiences, bourbon bars, and food attractions. Looking to taste a special bourbon for the first time? Looking for an allocated or rare bottle? These are just some of our specialties.

This tour is popular for groups who are looking for a shorter time requirement or just want to see what all Cincinnati has to offer to the bourbon world. If you’re from out of town this is a great way to “taste” the best of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Info – This tour runs about $200+ per person. Tours last about 7-9 hours from your front door or hotel in Cincinnati.

The Unbridled Charters Cruise

Horses are a special part of our life. So is bourbon. Whether it’s a horse track or horse farm we trot your party in the best direction. Some of the biggest and best equestrian tracks and distilleries are family friendly. This is a perfect gift for anyone.

This tour usually involves one family friendly distillery tour and one or two horse themed experiences. Our high top van is a perfect charter to and from the horse track. Especially if you just want to sit back and let us do all the driving.

Info – This tour runs $200+ per person. Tours last about 8-10 hours from your front door or hotel in Cincinnati.

The Grand Pappy Cruise

Or we like to say “The Grand Daddy” of them all …

Enjoy a flight of the six most famous half ounces in all of bourbon. Go behind the scenes in two exclusive tours and tastings to sip on his lost orphan barrels from the 1970’s.

This tour usually includes 2 VIP distillery tours and 3 VIP led tastings. Lunch or dinner at a fine establishment. This tour is only for the ultra tastings and private bourbon experiences in Bourbon Country.

Info – This tour usually runs about $1000+ per person. Tours last about 8-11 hours from your front door or hotel in Cincinnati.

The Whiskey Vegas Cruise

Ever heard of Whiskey Row? Louisville hosts a collection of some of the best tasting distilleries in all of Bourbon. Looking for an allocated bottle? There’s a solid chance you will get lucky at these distilleries.

The food choices in Louisville are endless. If you have a mixed group of bourbon drinkers and bourbon curious this is the bourbon cruise you want to check off the list.

This tour usually includes 2-3 distillery tours and/or tastings. And endless possibilities for amazing cuisine and foodie experiences.

Info – this tour usually runs about $225+ per person Tours usually last about 11-13 hours from your front door or hotel in Cincinnati.

The Bardstown Overnight Cruise

A top destination for overnights. On day 2 we can head to Frankfort or Louisville for even more distillery indulgence.

This is one of our most beloved tours. You will experience some of the biggest names in bourbon. Enjoy in-depth tastings and the beautiful country side. Look out the window and count the rickhouses. Stop in for some fine southern cookin’ and hunt some whiskey while you’re at it. Oh yeah … we haven’t made it to day 2 yet.

This tour is 2 x 10-12 hour days. Usually involves 5-8 distillery tours/tastings. Airbnb or hotel is your choice. We make 100% of the arrangements just as you like.

Info- this tour usually runs about $750+per person.